History of the park

The park was born out of a common passion shared by two breeders. Various animal species are housed on a natural site that extends over a wide area. The public’s curiosity has driven them to share their passion.

The park opened to visitors in 1992 under the name “La Coulée du Cerf.” At the same time, the two partners collected old agricultural and viticultural equipment. The nearby stone quarries allowed them to develop the site.

In 2009, we took over the family park and innovated it in our own way. Together, we continue to pursue and share this passion for nature and animals. To be consistent with its evolution, “La Coulée du Cerf” changed its name in 2013 and became “Natural’Parc.”

“Natural’Parc” is a private park that receives no subsidies and relies solely on its visitors. We therefore thank all those who share our passion and allow us to improve the park year after year.