In an unforgettable setting, come and meet numerous animals such as wolfdogs, camels, yaks, zebus, ostriches, rheas…


The uniqueness of Natural’Parc is its privileged approach to animals through the many arranged spaces where you can enter with the animals, observe, approach and feed them, including deer, wallabies, aviaries, llamas, alpacas…

A true sensory exchange.


Follow our caregivers throughout the park for the feeding tour.



The wolfdog pack welcomed at Natural’Parc consists of 2 breeds:

– The Saarloos wolfdog, a breed resulting from a cross between a German Shepherd and a European wolf from the Siberian branch.

– The Czechoslovakian wolfdog, a breed resulting from a cross between a German Shepherd and a Carpathian wolf.

In May 2017, the Anti-Trafficking Unit of the French Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPA) seized 119 wolfdogs from an unscrupulous breeder and placed them in different SPA shelters, with the aim of socializing them and placing them in families who would take care of them.

Due to the living conditions in the breeding facility from which they came, and despite eight months of efforts by employees, volunteers and educators in various SPA shelters, some animals never accepted humans and remained huddled in their cells.

For reasons of safety and for the welfare of these animals, it was not possible to place them in families.

The SPA therefore contacted zoological parks in France to find a solution.

After careful consideration, participating in this rescue seemed necessary, so we went to meet the wolfdogs in different shelters.

In partnership with Aurélie Frérou from Eduka’chien (educator and behavioral specialist), we took the time to study the behavior of each animal and evaluate their degree of socialization.

To give them a second chance, we decided to adopt 10 wolfdogs.

Lombok, Jensen, Artique, Wolf, Lyra, Snow, Limnos, Yuma, Lareen Mac and Zeus were welcomed to Natural’Parc on February 20, 2018.

Some of them had only known concrete cells and had never seen a blade of grass… So, it took them some time to adapt to their new space and their new peers.

During this rescue, all the animals were sterilized, as the goal was not reproduction.

Our greatest satisfaction is being able to offer them a happy life at Natural’Parc.


Alpaca : 19/08/2022
Rheas : 19/06/2022
Camel : 26/05/2022
Miniature donkey : 20/04/2022
Highland cattle : 15/04/2022

For Sale

  • Dwarf donkey, entire male, born on 06/23/2021 (this is the little one in the photo)
  • Dwarf goats

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