Works Council


Works Council
Group visit

Tickets for Works Council


Children (from 3 to 12 years old): €9.70
Adults (from 13 years old) : €14.50


Our team is at your disposal for any information or reservation.





Children (to 2 years old) : Free

Children (from 3 to 12 years old) : €9.70

Young people (13 to 17 years old inclusive) : €12.30

Adult (from 18 years old ) : €14.50


Main accompanying person : 1 free

Additional accompanying person : €14.50

Organisation of the day

Our team offers you a warm and dynamic welcome, from the reservation to the visit ! 

We will help you organise your nature outing so that your day is a success !


  • – Our team will come and welcome you at the bus

  • – We collect the completed “staffing form” (which will be sent to you by email when your booking is validated)

  • – The children gather in pairs with their picnic in front of the “group entrance” gate (car park 2)

  • – Count the number of members in your group

  • – Handing out of the plans and instructions for the visit to the guides (with the picnic timetable)

  • – Put your picnics on shelves with your name on them

  • – Visit the toilets


– Free bus parking near the reception
– Duration of the visit: from 3 hours to one day
– Self-guided tour / walking tour
– Map of the park (given to each guide on arrival)
– Hilly park (consult us for wheelchairs)
– Dress code: for some attractions, please wear closed shoes (sports shoes) and avoid bare legs and arms (risk of rubbing)
– Tokens will be lent to you for the pedal go-karts


– Picnic area under the covered area (sheltered and shaded)
– Inside the park
– Tables reserved free of charge and automatically when your reservation is confirmed
– Shelves reserved in your name for the deposit of bags and coolers near your tables
– A picnic schedule may be imposed depending on the number of visitors

Zoo and Biodiversity

Discover more than 500 animals, including 50 species living in semi-liberty in a preserved environment with authentic nature.


The originality of Natural’Parc is a privileged approach to the animals thanks to the many areas set up where you can observe, feed and stroke the animals.

A real sensory exchange, with wallabies, alpacas, fallow deer, llamas, aviaries…


Students will be able to discover many animals, mainly herbivores such as camels, dwarf zebus, white yaks, ostriches, dwarf donkeys, rheas, Highland…

Technical sheets will allow you to learn more about the characteristics of each species.


Presentation and feeding of the wolfdogs pack

Children will be able to discover the process and conditions of the rescue of our wolfdogs, as well as the functioning of a pack during a presentation led by Pierre, our speaker.


Combine entertainment and education!

Discoveries and sensations guaranteed with the numerous attractions throughout the park!

There is only one step from playing to learning, and children can enrich their knowledge with the animated supports along the route.

Games and attractions for all ages

NEW FOR 2023 :

Bubble filets !

Step into your bubble and try to knock down the other players while trying to keep your balance in nets suspended over the void.

(2 bubble sizes: adult/child)


A dizzying descent of 2 zip-lines, each 40 meters long, perched at a height of 10 meters…
No attachments or harnesses, you are completely safe thanks to the nets surrounding the zip-lines.

Summer tubing

A tubing descent on two synthetic tracks, each 80 meters long.
Solo or two-person tubes, challenge yourself for maximum thrills!


600 m² of giant trampolines and tree courses. Between hammocks and giant trampolines, it’s hard to stay balanced…
Without harnesses or ropes, move around in total freedom and safety.


Speed excess is allowed at Natural’Parc.

2 CIRCUITS: Adult Karts / Children Karts

Sidecars, Bikers, Handlebars, Levers, Steering wheel…

Please bring a 1 € coin / kart as a deposit
(like supermarket shopping carts!)

Aerial Walk

To discover the park from a new angle, in the heart of the vegetation.


Come and challenge yourself with the giant wooden games!
Precision games, strategy, chance, speed, puzzles… Alone or in a group.


2 accessible zones on the course.

Giant slide

A 13-meter long slide through the bamboo.


A bouncy castle for older kids.
(for children only)


An inflatable structure reserved for the little ones, for safe and fun playtime.

t’ibou space

Slides, sandbox, playhouse, swings… will delight the little ones.


2 zones: for the little ones and the older ones.


“Who ate the lettuce in the garden ?”
Children will be able to investigate all along the route by questioning the animals in the park…

A new enigma for each season


Through 6000 m² of corn, children will have to find the clues and the solution to the enigma… and the way out!

Riddle 2022 on the theme of bees. The plant maze is open in summer (depending on the height of the corn), ask about the opening date.

New riddle every season


Join us for the Great Easter Egg Hunt at Natural’Parc! Follow the clues to find the 6 hidden eggs in the park and exchange them for a delicious chocolate egg!

€1 per child, in addition to the park entrance fee.


Come celebrate Halloween at Natural’Parc…in a terrifying atmosphere!

– A mysterious investigation to solve
– Devilish treats
– Sinister makeup
– A contest for the scariest costume

€1 per child, in addition to the park entrance fee.


Your group will be able to discover the process and conditions of the rescue of our wolf dogs, as well as the functioning of a pack during a presentation led by Pierre, our speaker.

Every day (except Fridays) during these periods:
– Easter holidays
– Weekends in spring
– Summer holidays


Do I need to book?

In order to prepare your arrival (reservation of picnic areas…), and if you wish to have an invoice, it is advisable to book.

How long does the visit last ?

Duration of the visit: from 3 hours to one day

Is there a picnic area ?

The picnic area is sheltered and located inside the park, with tables reserved for you free of charge.

Shelves for picnic bags and coolers, adjacent to the picnic area, are reserved free of charge for each group.

A picnic time may be imposed, depending on the number of visitors.

How many sanitary facilities are there ?

There are 2 sanitary blocks available for visitors :

– One at the beginning of the course (near the main attractions and the picnic area)

– A second one in the middle of the course

Where can I fill my water bottle ?

A drinking water point in the sanitary block is available for filling water bottles.

Are there any free rides for accompanying persons ?

Accompanying persons free of charge:

– Children (from 3 to 6 years old included): 1 free / 4 children
– Children (from 7 to 12 years old included): 1 free / 8 children
– Young people (from 13 to 17 years old included): 1 free / 10 young people

Are there any guides ?

The visit is free. We advise school groups to visit the park in small groups in order to get the most out of the animals and attractions.

Are the attractions open in case of bad weather ?

For safety reasons, some attractions may be closed (slide, summer tubing).

Will the labyrinth be open ?

As the labyrinth is made of corn, it is only open in summer.

Can we do the survey ?

The survey (on the back of the map) will be given to you on arrival.
A diploma will be given to the children at the end of the visit.

Do I have to pay for the attractions ?

No. The activities, investigations and attractions are included in the price of admission.

Do I need to provide coins for the use of the pedal go-karts ?

We lend tokens to school groups for the use of the pedal go-karts.

Can I take a pre-tour ?

We send pre-visit tickets on request (1 max / class)

How is the billing done ?

The numbers are readjusted on the day of the visit, and the invoice is given at the end of the visit.
Payment can be made on the spot or deferred.
We can also submit the invoice on the “Chorus” platform on request.

Can the number of participants in the group be changed ?

The numbers can be changed and will be readjusted on the day of your visit.

Can I change the date of the visit ?

The date of the visit can be changed by contacting us by e-mail at or by telephone on 02 40 83 78 25 (type 2 without listening to the message)

What payment methods are accepted ?

– Credit card
– Cash
– Cheque
– Bank transfer

Money orders accepted

The invoice is given to the group on departure. We also use the Chorus platform for the deposit of invoices.

How can I benefit from the teaching kits ?

At the time of booking, you will be able to choose one or more teaching kits (EYFS, KS1, KS2).

The kits will be sent to you by email as a PDF document.

Where do I go on the day of the visit ?

We will meet you at the bus and guide you to our group entrance.

Is there parking for coaches ?

There are bus parking spaces in our first car park.

Are there any sheltered areas in case of heat or rain ?

The park is planted with trees on most of the course, so it is well shaded. It is almost entirely open air, but there are shelters to protect you from possible showers (covered playground, giant wooden games area, etc.)


Specialised groups


School Groups