Are the tickets dated?

No, the tickets are not dated. They are valid for one season, the expiry date is indicated on the ticket.

I bought my ticket online, do I need to print it?

It is not necessary to print the tickets. Remember to download your PDF ticket to your phone before you come.

Do I need to make a reservation?

We do not take reservations. (except for groups)

How can I give away a ticket or season pass?

You can buy one or more vouchers online or at the ticket office

Can I use a high season ticket in low season?

High season tickets are accepted in low season

Can I get my ticket refunded?

Tickets purchased at the ticket office or online are not exchangeable or refundable

The Park

What types of animals are there?

You can discover 500 animals from all over the world, mostly herbivores

How many species are there?

The park has about 50 species of animals

Can we feed the animals ?

Some species can be fed with natural popcorn, available at the park reception desk

Are the attractions open in the low season ?

The attractions are also open in the low season (except for the plant maze which is only open in July and August)

Are the attractions open during bad weather ?

Some attractions may be closed in case of bad weather.

How long does the visit last ?

For the visit of the park, its attractions and its investigations, you should count from 3 hours to 1 whole day

Is the park suitable for young children ?

The park is suitable for all ages. One area is dedicated to 0-3 year olds

Is the park suitable for teenagers ?

The park is suitable for all ages, including teenagers and young adults.


What are the GPS coordinates ?

286633571839104, -1.2044263154966122

Can I picnic in the park ?

Picnicking is allowed inside the park. Outdoor tables and covered areas. Please note that any departure is final.

Lockers for hire at 3€ and 5€ are available at reception. (subject to availability)

Can I ride a bike or scooter inside the park ?

For safety reasons, bicycles, scooters and other wheeled vehicles are not allowed inside the park

Is there a place to heat up baby food ?

Microwaves are available to visitors at the Natural’Food snack bar

Can I park my motorhome ?

Motorhomes can park free of charge in the car park during the opening days and times

Are dogs allowed ?

Dogs (trained) are allowed on a lead (except in open spaces, see PLAN 2022)

Is the park accessible to pushchairs and PRMs ?

As the park is situated in a corridor, it is naturally hilly. Pushchairs and wheelchairs can move around the course. Please note: some passages may be more difficult to access for wheelchairs.

Is the park open during the winter ?

The park is closed in winter. Please refer to the opening calendar.